Development Objective

The objective of the Chair is to develop studies on the links between ecological functioning of rivers and socio-economic practices of societies. It targets to reconcile use and preservation of natural resources. It aims to foster transversal / interdisciplinary studies on rivers and river landscapes, and an exchange of knowledge between the North / South / South partners.

Specific objectives

1. Research and training thematics. To analyze the state of the art of the research undertaken on the relationship between human activities and the ecological functioning of rivers and to highlight the major problems in this field. Identify training needs by the practitioners responsible for the management of river territories.

2. Develop comparative research (doctoral theses and projects among researchers) made on similar thematics in different countries/river systems, using an innovative approach crossing ecological and social sciences with engineering approaches for the sustainable management of river or lake systems.

3. Develop and organize training programs referring to water management or policies, land use, or conservation of rivers, lakes and wetlands, and management of heritage sites.

4. Develop and disseminate good practice guides: methodological materials will be developed and distributed to actors and practitioners in the field of management of aquatic socioecosystems.